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This ancient tradition is a beautiful and sacred way of helping mothers postpartum with a multitude of things.

Women who have taken placenta capsules after birth has reported the following:

1. Increased milk production, as well as their milk coming in faster than the average 4 days.
2. Decreased stress and sadness, improved mood.
3. Avoiding postpartum depression and/or anxiety.
4. Healthy hair, skin, and nails.
5. Increased energy!
6. Restoration of iron levels in the blood.

This process is done by me, Hali, a placenta encapsulation specialist. I work in a completely safe and sterile environment using my OSHA bloodborne pathogen safety certification AND my food safety handler’s certification. I take my work so very seriously and absolutely love what I do. I even processed my own placenta after the birth of my daughter, Jovie! If you are in the Clarksville, TN, or the Nashville, TN area and are interested in placenta encapsulation then contact us today!

Hali was amazing to work with for my placenta encapsulation!! Not only did she drop off the pills the same day that we were discharged from the hospital, she painted a picture of my placenta as well! Hali has been so helpful and thoughtful during the whole process, and I would 100% recommend her services!!

Haley Leadingham

Hali is a fountain of knowledge and does a phenomenal job with her placenta services! Her postpartum care is seriously a must-have. I love the holistic approach and her practice comes in perfect alignment with that.

Alexus Maynard

Silver Package

Placenta Encapsulation
  • Capsules with lemon & ginger
  • Print
  • Dried Cord
  • Pick up & delivery
  • $100 due at booking (non-refundable) / $150 due at week 35
  • Extra mileage fees apply after 30 miles
  • Add on tincture or salve to any package $20

Gold Package

Placenta Encapsulation
  • Everything in Silver Package
  • Shadowbox for print + cord
  • Pick up & delivery
  • $100 due at booking (non-refundable) / $175 due at week 35
  • Extra mileage fees apply after 30 miles
  • Add on tincture or salve to any package $20

Diamond Package

Placenta Encapsulation
  • Everything in Gold Package
  • Grape flavored capsules
  • Pick up & delivery
  • Deliver to Home or Hospital
  • $100 due at booking (non-refundable) / $200 due at week 35
  • Extra mileage fees apply after 30 miles
  • Add on tincture or salve to any package $20

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

Reported benefits of placenta encapsulation are:

  • Increased energy
  • Lower stress levels
  • Restored iron levels
  • Less bleeding and shorter duration of bleeding after delivery
  • No postpartum depression
  • Better sleep
How does it work?

You sign a liability & medicine agreement, and pay the $100 retainer. The remaining amount is due by 38 weeks. You keep a cooler in your car and when you’re admitted to the hospital, you let me know. As soon as you deliver the placenta, place it in the cooler with some ice. I pick it up directly from you, process the placenta immediately and safely, and return the capsules to you either at the hospital or at your home! Super easy.

Is there an aftertaste?

I add fresh ginger and lemon to the capsules to help with any aftertaste and absorption!

Is it safe?
I have my OSHA bloodborne pathogen certification, my food handler’s safety card, and I treat each placenta as my own. I use hospital grade cleaners, sanitized gloves, my hair is up, my clothes are clean, and I never work on more than one placenta at a time to prevent cross-contamination. To this day I have processed hundreds of placentas. This is my passion and I take it very seriously.
How many capsules do I get?

The average placenta yields 120-140 capsules. I have seen as many as 225, and as little as 75. It all depends on the size of your placenta.

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